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At Selfbuild supplies we can supply a large range of cement from leading Cement manufacturers Lafarge Cement , Rugby Cement and Castle Cement covering Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), White cement (snowcrete), Rapid setting Cement , Mastercrete Cement , Multicem Cement , Sulfate Resistant (Sulfacrete) and white Hydrated Lime which must be used in conjunction with one of the afore mentioned cements when used in mortar.

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Mastercrete and Multicem Cement are Cements that have additives in them that make them easier to work with when used in mortar applications, they are now in weatherproof bags and have an average shelf life of up to 6 months when stored correctly. Ordinary Portland Cement is now generally only used in concreting applications where additives are not required. Sulfate resistant cement is generally used where protection from attack of sulfate is required. Extra Rapid cement is generally used for patching and for where quick setting concrete is a priority.

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60 bags ordinary portland cement only £250.00+VAT
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